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Bryson City Fishing Guide and Charters (turkey – Bass Report)

March 28th / water temp 54 / air temp 50 / wind 15-20 kts / cloudy becoming partly cloudy / front moving in and just after lots of rain

Scouted for turkeys today and fished for smallmouth for about 2 hours. Turkey hunting is just around the corner and all our flocks are making real good sign. Check out our lake combination trip for the ultimate fishing – hunting trip. Fished for a few hours after scouting and had a real good pattern going. Found some big smallmouth on the end of tapering points 1/3 of the way in creeks. Slow rolled big spinner-baits with colorado blades at 15 feet down over 25 foot of water to produce 4 fish all around 3 pounds.

Tip: The three best patterns for March on clear mountain lakes. 1: tube baits under deep water docks. Let fall to 50 foot then repeat, bites will be on fall. 2: large colorado spinnerbaits slow rolled over long tapering points. Look for points near main lake but in the first 1/3 of creeks. 3: suspending jerkbaits near bluffs, channel swings and secondary points.

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