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Hendersonville fishing charters

water temp 71 / partly cloudy early with rain in pm / wind 10-15 kts

Fishing around Hendersonville NC has been great lately.  Fished with Mike and Ashley, who were in town on their honeymoon, on a 1/2 day fishing charter on Fontana lake.  Huge storm came though the day before with a cold font bearing down on us in the pm  The fishing charter started out in the back of the creeks looking for bait.  The weather has pushed all the bait fish out to the main rivers and the smallmouth were hot on their tails.  Found good schools of fish just off Lemons branch access and just up river of Alarka.  Fish were off of main river points in about 55-75 foot of water.  Caught most of the smallmouth throwing 1oz spoons to breaking fish.  Managed 25 plus small mouth, white bass, spotted bass and walleye.  Great day especially with the Smokey National Park leaves changing.

Tip:  If fish consistently are breaking out of reach tie on a 1 oz jigging spoon and send it to the moon.  A 7’6″ rod is best with 8-10 lbs line will really send it out there.  Let the lure sink for 5 seconds then use really big sweeps of the rod to take up slack and give the lure movement.  Remember the bass bite on the fall so if you hook a fish at that distance it is often a good idea to set the hook a few more time to account for line stretch.


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Book today to catch some of the best fishing of the year.  The Smokey Mountain leaves are quite remarkable too….

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