Up-Close Fishing Report

Lake Hartwell 1/2 day striper guides

Had a 1/2 day striper guide on Hartwell today. Started looking to the NW of S17 with only a few single fish marked. Checked a few spots on the way to the dam with nothing too encouraging. Marked a few fish where we caught them yesterday. Looked a bit in the area with not much more. Decided to make a couple drifts where most the arcs were found. Instantly hooked a nice fish in 45 foot coming off the side of a point. The bass weighed 20 pounds even. Fished a bit longer and moved. Finally found the fish two coves to the west in the back of a major underwater creek. Sat on the fish and limited out. Caught 1/2 of the stripers on 1 oz and 3/4 oz mega bait jigging spoons.

20 pound striper on Hartwell

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