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Fishing Striped Bass in South Carolina Report (Hartwell Lake)

Water temp 44 / air temp 45 / calm winds am 12-20 kts afternoon / partly cloudy

 Ran a guide today on lake Hartwell for stiped bass.  Headed N up the Senica River.  Picked up the clients around 11:00am and started looking for bait around Camp Creek.  Checked several places on the way up North.  Fish have completely moved out of Red Banks area.  The next stop is always just before West Cherry Road on large flat.  Found tons of bait and birds spread throughout often on the outside edges along the drop offs leading into the larger flat.  Marked lots of fish and bait mixed throughout the underwater channel running N to S in the middle of the flat.  Sat here all day.  Fishing was real slow in the AM with absolutely no wind.  Caught 2 or 3 in the calm wind.  Around 3 pm the wind picked up and we began catching more.  Jigged 1 1/2 oz and 1 oz jigging spoons to produce about 15 stripers.  Several pushing 10 pounds and greater.

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 Tip:  Once fish are found sit on them for a while.  Sometimes it only takes a little change in wind or clouds to turn them on.  Stripers often only feed for a few hours a day in the winter months so wait for the magic hour.

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