Up-Close Fishing Report

Fontana lake near Bryson City Fishing Charter

Aug 4th / sunny / stable pressure

We really got on the fish today. Focused on bass schooling on baitfish in the middle of the lake. Fished 2 1/2 inch baby flukes with 6 pound line to surfacing fish. Inserted tungsten nail weights and treble hooks to base of offset worm hook. Managed 20-30 smallmouth, spotted, and large mouth with most being in the 2-3 pound range. Had 2 kids that had a ball with it. Look towards yellow branch on the main lake and Jenny branch up the Little Tennessee River.

great top water fishing on Fontana lake

Tip: Fish the fluke fast on the top making it go in and out of the water.   Get to the fish quick when they surface or it will  be too late.

a happy client


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