Up-Close Fishing Report

Gatlinburg to Fontana lake fishing guide report

Oct 15 & 16 / water temp 67 / day after big cold front / wind 15-25 / sunny

Fontana walleye fishing

Ran two trips this weekend on lake Fontana with parties coming from Gatlinburg and Bryson city with decent catches both days. The smallmouth were very predictable with post frontal conditions pushing the bait and the bass to deeper waters. Bait has been staging in about 50-60 foot for the last several weeks. On Friday a large cold front bringing wind and cold temperatures pushed the shad and ultimatally the bass to deeper waters. Found fish in 85-105 foot of water around bait. Fish were anywhere from the bottom to around 40 feet. Found good fish up Mouse Creek and near the mouths of Gutner and Lemons. Jigging spoons produced almost all of our fish. Several walleye were mixed in Mouse creek about 60 foot down.

Gatlinburg fishing guide to lake fontana

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