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Greenville SC Fishing Guide to Hartwell Lake

Fishing report for Nov. 11 2014 / water temp 62 / sunny with light wind / high near 55

Fished with a group out of Hendersonville, NC today for a 1/2 day fishing charter.  The fishing tour was on Lake hartwell, just south of Greenville SC.  After acquiring live bait we headed up 6 and 20 in search of bait and striped bass, up near the second bridge.  Quite a bit of bait and fish were marked so we decided to fish.  Managed 5-7 fish right off the bat.  Fish were real picky.  We would mark the school and only pick up a fish or two, then they were gone.  The fishing trip then headed up the Senica river toward Clemson.  We then found good bait north of Red Banks near the mouth of several creeks.  Managed 5-7 more fish.  Again the bite was real picky.

striped bass school

striped bass school

On a normal day we should of loaded the boat, but thats fishing….


Capt. Frank Askew

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