Up-Close Fishing Report

Guided Fishing Trip to Lake Fontana for Smallmouth Bass

May 29, 2010 / Sunny and hot / water temp 74 / air temp 85 / no wind / Memorial day weekend (BOATS)

Fished with client out of Waynesville today. Ran to Chambers Creek looking for fish feeding on surface. Wind was blowing early and sun was shining. No fish seen busting so tried a drop-shot the hump at the mouth of the creek. Water is really high so hump crested at 15 feet down. Next ran to Stecoah and Panther Creeks looking for fish on the main points and humps. Ran up little Tenn. and fished several points with no luck. Fish had moved off of points and relocated to shady banks. Started catching a few fish on these banks with a finesse worm and drop shot. Ran down by railroad to chunk rock by Almond boat ramp and managed a few more. Hit several secondary points with only on producing (3 fish on same point that has been holding all year near mile marker 79). Boats + hot + no wind = hard fishing on Fontana. Never managed a fish over 2 pounds. My client Sandy really worked hard even though the fishing was tough. Managed about 6 fish.

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