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Hartwell Fishing Charters – Fishing Report

 The striper action is just around the corner on Hartwell.  Things are still a bit slow with the cold water but the warmconditions are helping a lot.   As soon as the temps break the 53 degree mark things should really heat up.  The back of the creeks are producing some action as the shad are really dying off.   Keep an eye on the birds  to lead you to the winter die off of shad.  This time of year is when the shad really start dropping and the bass are there waiting. Just a short time before it all happens. I will be out this week and will report back soon.  Also, always keep an eye on the sonar.  Umbrella rigs have also been producing in the late afternoon, generally after 4.  Look for windy banks and bait.  Managed 6 stripers after 3:30 yesterday trolling.  Have a 1/2 day striper fishing charter tomorrow and will report back.

Capt. Frank Askew

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