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Lake Fontana drop shot producing

8-24-2010 / water temp 84 / 60 degree in morning warming to 80 / cloudy early / no wind

The bass are still in their summer patterns but the hint of fall is already evident. Had a 1/2 day guided fishing trip today with a father and son from Georgia. We fished easy to use lures for most of the day producing descent numbers. We found good schools of bass off of long tapering points with fine gravel. The bass were positioned in 25-30 foot of water on the deep channel side of the points. No fish were taken on top of the points! The points that produced the best were the ones at the first 1/3 of major coves near the main deep water. By idling around numerous points to find the concentrations of baitfish it enabled us to narrow down our search. Once bait fish / a few arcs / and our long tapering points were found all together we caught fish every time. Managed 10-15 smallmouth with one walleye jigged at the train tressel. Check out the picture of the Walleye, it has a curved spine. (birth defect ?) A large thermocline is being marked lately with loads of bait and fish mixed in around 45 feet.

Fontana walleye with curved spine

check out the spine

Tip: As fall grows closer start looking for the bait and bass to move further back in the deep arms leading away from the main lake. The bass often suspend just off the bottom in the middle of the creek where ever bait is present.

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