Up-Close Fishing Report

Lake Hartwell Guided Striper Charters

9-18-2010 / calm winds / water temp 81 / high of 88

Fished today with a party from Columbia, SC. Started near Duncan Branch access then moved to the Savannah River green 11 buoy and Little lightwood creek looking at underwater pockets in 40 to 100 foot of water with nothing to mark. Decided to head N and found a descent school in Todd’s cove near Savannah Green 23. Fish were positioned in pocket where creeks split over 85 foot of water with trees. Caught 8 or 9 hybrids and a couple stripers. Fish were really mouthing the bait and not biting very aggressively. Did see some schooling action on the surface. This is the only school found the entire day.

Tip: Lots of catfish are being marked in river channels near points. Most arcs are 40-50 feet down. I would not waste time fishing the arcs unless schooling fish or arcs really bunched up were seen. The cooler water has got the striped bass on the move and a more predictable pattern should emerge soon.

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