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Lake Hartwell South Carolina Striped Bass Guide

Sept. 25 , 2010 / water temp 81 / 5-10 kts / air temp 83 / a day before an extreme front

Fishing was very tough today. Started down by dam with a lot of tournament boats around. Looked at Powderbag creek and off Duncan Branch access with little to show. 4 or 5 tournament boats, I think part of the Appalachian Striper Club, were trolling live BBs near POC1. Ran the lake pretty hard today. Figured they were still by dam but just could not mark a thing. Looked at just about every point I could. Once again most of the bait was marked up around Anderson Island. Found a few fish at the mouth of Beaverdam. 3 or 4 bites with one largemouth and one hybrid.

Jamies 1st largemouth on Hartwell

Jamies 1st largemouth on Hartwell

Hard day on the lake Capt. Frank Askew

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