Up-Close Fishing Report

Lake Hartwell Striped Bass Fishing Report

  Jan 1 and 2nd / water temp 43 up Senica North of Coneross and 48 south of 85 bridge / Raining on the 1st and 48 degrees / Clear warm and windy on the 2nd

 Fished a 1/2 day on the first looking for striped bass up the senica.  Great bait is located on flat off of Red Bluffs near Coneross Creek.  Marked lots of fish and piles of shad.  Jigged spoons, drop-shot, and blade baits to produce one striper.  Very little action with the water temp being below 45 degrees.  Later trolled umbrellas up Conoross creek past beach with no luck.  Some bait marked with only schools of spotted bass mixed in.  Clients were a bit cold with the rain so headed in after a few hours.

 Tip:  We are just coming off a great umbrella rig bite.  Water temps between 47 and 49 degrees is perfect for umbrella rigs.  With the water temps being so cold the live bait bite is all but quite.

 Ran another trip on the 2nd.  With the rain and warm weather I was hoping for warm water up the creeks where we fished yesterday.  Many of the boats had moved up around S 64 an S 66, where the river narrows.  We marked no bait here and have yet to see a fish caught in the two days of fishing by anyone else.  We decided to move south in search of warmer water and bait.  Found great bait near just east of S 51 in cove.  Water temp was 45-46 degrees which is still a bit cold but 3 degrees warmer than Red Banks.  Managed two fish out of the cove.

 We marked some bait to the East of Anderson Islands in the pockets but very little fish.  I really think the majority of the fish are up the Senica holding in the 43 degree water with all the bait but in order to get bite you will need to find water temps above 46 degrees.  Try North of Three and Twenty Creek and East of Anderson Island.

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  1. Thanks for the trip… Great time and lots of fun.. can’t wait to catch fish like that again.