Up-Close Fishing Report

Lake Hartwell Striper Scouting (Searched for moving fish)

Water temp 80 / High of 85 / no wind / Afternoon Storms / 6-4-2010

We had a day to ourselves so focused on the migration of the stripers. Did a lot of scouting today. Started up the Senica and checked every creek mouth, out to the main river channel, for bait and striper arcs. Looked at Eighteen Mile, Camp Creek, Coneross, Martins, and the Twin Lakes Area. Marked very little bait up the Senica. A lot of boats were working the Twin lakes area but did not see any action. Never marked bait or fish. All were over 50 foot of water with trees. We decided to run down towards the dam. The fish should start showing up to the South more and more. Started marking fish (arcs) near the point of Saddlers Creek in 80 to 100 foot of water over trees. Most of the fish were near the point around to the first hump (part of the point on the right going in) Never marked bait but a few fish were here. Managed 3 Stripers with one going over 20 lbs that broke off in the trees after a 10 minute battle. Fished for 1 hour or so. Fish are still up the Tugaloo in good numbers with descent numbers off of main lake points down towards the dam.

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