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Fishing Lake Fontana in western NC – Report

 12-20-2010 /  water temp 47 degrees / water level down 45 foot / temp: 45 / windy / partly cloudy 

Ran walleye for the first couple of hours jigging ice jigs in 85 foot of water near Forney creek on the Tuckasegee River.  Marked fish and bait near the mouth of the creek and out in main river channel.   Managed about 7 White Bass but no walleye.  Several other boats were jigging Rapala Swim jigs 50 yards off bank in 65-70 foot of water with no luck.  Decided to run Smallmouth Bass for the remainder of the day.   Found some bait up lemons branch and jigged mega bait spoons to produce 3 nice bass.  

Tip:  Fish are moving deep with the water temp venturing into the 40s.  Vertical techniques will get to these fish often hanging around bait balls.  On windy days these fish will come up to feed on wind blown banks.  When this happens a deep diving crank bait (tight wiggle is best in clear cold water) will often catch the most active ones.

Winter fishing Western NC for Smallmouth and White bass

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