Lake Julian Depth and Slope Map

11 x 17 inches

$22.95 – Waterproof Teslin | Good level of detail

Western NC Custom Lake Floor Mapping

Our bathometric maps are produced using state of the art Hypack Survey software installed on our Champion Boat. We collect X,Y,Z points in a grid format on local lakes in NC and SC.  Using multiple software platforms, including GIS, we develop highly detailed maps for fishermen to study the bottom composition. These maps are displayed in a graduated color scheme to display the smallest change is depth. You will never want to look at a contour map again. These maps help in predicting Walleye, Bass, Trout, and Striper migrations. A majority of the lakes we map have never been mapped before.

Never Seen Before Side-Scan Maps

The new technology of Side-Scan has enabled anglers to see the bottom of a lake in a new light. Several years ago, Humminbird came out with side-scan technology. With the help of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Resource Division, Up-Close Outfitters has developed an innovative method for linking side-scan images to a geographic location. By using multiple echo sounders, covering an area of 180 degrees, we are able to take black and white pictures of the bottom. When put together, these images result in an uninterrupted and detailed picture of the lake bottom. With a little practice you can become an expert at reading these images and routinely pinpoint trout, bass, walleye, and striper habitat.

See Them With Your Own Eyes

  • Trees
  • Channels
  • Boulders
  • Rocky outcrops
  • Substrate transitions
  • Roadbeds
  • Sunken Boats
The customization does not stop here. All our maps are printed on high-quality Tyvec waterproof paper. Each map is available in a variety of sizes from 18” by 24” to a huge 36” x 48”. We display features in full color to highlight even the slightest change in depth. When combined with aerial photography on the outside border, they almost come alive.

Western NC Side Scan Maps Coming Soon

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