Pisgah Forest Slope Maps

25 x 34 inches

$41.95 – Water proof Tyvek | Good level of detail
$71.95 – Water proof laminated | Good level of detail
$99.95 – CD w/ viewing software | Excellent level of detail

Mountain Elevation Hunting Maps

Up-Close Outfitters LLC. is proud to announce a new series of hill-shade and slope hybrid hunting maps. We’ve blended a colorful representation displaying the slope of the mountain terrain with a shaded relief map giving off a remarkable 3D representation. Our hunting maps use the best in elevation data displaying stunning visual representations. Figuring out how deer travel in the mountain terrain of the National Forest in western North Carolina is a difficult proposition for even the most experienced hunters. The grade of a slope plays a huge factor on how game travel throughout their home range and it takes years of exploring to figure this out. Fortunately now, Up-Close Outfitters has developed very specific hunting maps designed to give away the natural funnels that game travel. These easy to interpret maps are displayed with a full graduated color scheme that makes subtle changes stand out. With this colorful representation draped over a hill-shade layer the visual effect gives off a remarkable 3D appearance. Each map is fully integrated with GPS grids for easy coordinate uploads to your handheld GPS device.  They also include other handy features for ground navigation, such as National Forest trails, roads, and an accurate scale bar to help plan distances covered per hunt.  All federal and state assigned travel routes are named and labeled for easy reference to National Forest signs.  All serious outdoorsmen know the importance of maps for preseason scouting. We strongly believe our maps are the best on the market. Our maps are divided into ideal sized blocks of National Forest covering anywhere from 3-8 square miles of terrain.  Zoom in to funnels and converging trails for deer.  These hunting maps are specifically printed to withstand what ever Mother Nature throws at you.  They are fully water-proof and printed on a Tyvek-like synthetic paper, which is extremely durable.  Sportsmen can fold them up into a 9” by 4” size that fits easily into a hunting vest. Combine this map with our Color Infrared Maps Hunting Maps and you will have the ultimate scouting resources.

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