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Catching live bait on Lake Jocassee

Lake Jocassee on the SC and NC line is home to several species of baitfish. Blueback Herring and Treadfin Shad are the main source of protein for bass and trout throughout much of the year. The lake can be extremely hard to fish at times so live bait is often sought after to overcome the clear water challenges. The simplest way to go about catching live bait is at night. Simply take a flood light or any other source of bright light and shine directly in the water. Often Shad and herring fallow planton which is carried around the lake by a consistent wind. This said, it is a good idea to start looking for shad on wind blown banks. After 20-45 minutes there should be several hunderd shad all schooled up around the light. If not try somerwhere else. Often sandy bottoms on the main lake adjacent to deep water will hold fish. There are no cast nets allowed on the lake so sabaki rigs are needed to catch the bait. Bluebacks can be a bit hesitent so it might be necessary to try to snag one on the up-swing. GIVE IT A TRY YOU MIGHT BE PLEASENTLY SUPRISED


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